Customer service is the assistance a customer gets from a business or the people who work for a business.  The chart below contains some business vocabulary related to customer service.


Customer Service Vocabulary

customer service representative/customer service repA customer service representative is someone whose job is to provide customer service. Our customer service representatives are trained to handle questions about our entire product line.
over-the-phone customer service Over-the-phone customer service is when customers are helped over the phone. People with over-the-phone customer service positions don't usually meet with customers in person.Since she has an over-the-phone customer service position, she doesn't have to wear formal clothes. She never has to meet the company's customers in person.
face-to-face customer service Face-to-face customer service is when customers are helped in person. I've had different types of customer service positions, but I prefer face-to-face customer service. I like being able to help customers when they are physically present. I feel like it's easier to build relationships in person.
technical support/tech support Technical support is when companies provide customer service to users of technology. We are having problems with the internet at our house. II'm going to call technical support to see if they can help me fix it.
product sales support Product sales support is a type of customer service that involves answering customers' questions about the products and services that a company offers. Products sales support involves helping customers choose the correct product or service for what they need.If you aren't sure which software program is correct, why don't you call product sales support and ask them your questions?
outsourcing Outsourcing means purchasing goods or services from an outside supplier.Outsourcing helps a lot of companies lower their costs.
to outsource To outsource means to hire an outside supplier to provide goods or services for a company. Since they outsourced their customer service operations, they have received many complaints from customers.
call center A call center is a place where organizations handle a large amount of phone calls. Call centers can be part of the company or outsourced to another company. The new call center will be able to handle thousands of calls per day from around the world.
customer service training Customer service training is what a company gives their customer service representatives so that they have the skills and knowledge to do their job.Companies teach certain skills during customer service training. Some skills usually covered during training include listening skills, empathy, problem solving, and friendliness.
customer base A company's customer base is all the customers the company sells products and/or services to.Our goal is to provide excellent service to our entire customer base. Some companies only assist their most important customers. We provide the same excellent service to all of our customers.
customer loyalty Customer loyalty is when a customer continues to buy from a supplier instead of the supplier's competitors.We offer a great product and back it up with the best service in the industry. Because of this, we have been able to achieve customer loyalty.
automated customer service Automated customer service is when customer service is handled by an automatic process, for example a recorded phone message. Even though it's cheaper, we decided not to offer automated customer service. When our customers call our call center, a real person picks up the phone. There is no recorded message that asks them to press a number to be transferred to a certain department.

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