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in/on/at practice

Review the tendencies for using in, on, and at. Then do the practice activity.


in, on, at tendencies

This chart shows some of the tendencies for using in, on, and at.

Place: We use in for large places (countries, cities, towns, states, provinces, districts, regions, etc.). We also use in for specific rooms (the conference room, the cafeteria, etc.).
Time: We use in for long periods of time (eras, centuries, decades, years, months, seasons, etc.).

Place: We use on for streets, avenues, roads, highways, etc.
Time: We use on for individual days (April 7, Christmas, Thursday, etc.). We also say on the weekend in American English (at the weekend in British English).

Place: We use at for specific locations (the bank, work, home, the store) as well as events (a party, a convention, a conference, etc.).
Time: We use at for specific times (7 a.m., lunchtime, midnight, dawn, etc.).


in/on/at Practice Exercise

Fill in the blanks with either in, on, or at to complete the sentences. Also see this in vs. on practice exercise.