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Even if/Even though Practice Exercise

Even if and even though are not interchangeable and communicate different things. Read the grammar explanation below and then try the practice exercise.


Even if

We use even if to introduce a condition. It introduces something that does not affect the main clause.

I go running after work even if I’m tired. (The speakers goes running after work regardless of whether he is tired.)
Even if they offered me 50% more, I wouldn’t accept the offer. (An additional 50% would not make the the speaker reconsider.)


Even though

We use even though to introduce something that is true. It is used to communicate that something is surprising or unusual. It is a stronger and more emphatic version of “although.”

I went running after work today even though I’m tired. (This is a fact. The speaker is tired.)
Even though they offered me 50% more, I turned down the offer. (This is a fact. The speaker was offered an additional 50% and turned down the offer.)


Practice Exercise

Choose even if or even though to complete the sentences.


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