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Expressions for Describing your Job/Company

Below are some useful expressions for describing your job/company.


Describing your Job

I’m a (job)
I work as a (job)
I’m currently working as a (job)
I just started at (company)
I just started working as a (job)
I’ve been with (company) since/for…
I’ve been a (job) since/for…
I work for (company).
I work in (field/industry)
I’m self-employed.
I own my own company.
I’m responsible for (+ ing)
I ensure…
I deal with…
I manage…
I direct…
I supervise…
I oversee…
I advise…
I handle…
My role is….
My responsibilities include (+ing)
I report to (person/people).
I work with/collaborate with (person/people).


Describing your Company

We’re based in (country/city)
We’re located in (country/city)
Our headquarters is in (country/city)
The company was founded in (year)
We’re in the _______ industry.
We produce/manufacture…
We sell…
We distribute…
We offer/provide…
We’re a multinational company.
We’re a local company.

We’re a small business.
We’re a start-up.
We have branches/subsidiaries/offices in (country).
We have (number) employees.
We’re a privately owned company/corporation/government organization/non-profit.
We do business with…
Our clients/customers include…


Questions for Asking about Someone’s Job/Company

What do you do for a living?
What do you do?

What company do you work for?
How long have you been with (company)?
How long have you been a (job)?
Have you always worked in (industry)?
Have you always worked as a (job)?
What did you do before that?
What does your company do?
When was the company founded?
Has the company been around for a while?