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Phrasal Verbs with Multiple Meanings Answers


1. give away/gave away
2. takes up/take up
3. passed out/passed out
4. Turn down/turned the offer down
5. turns up/turn it up
6. make something up/made up
7. pick up/pick me up
8. gave up/give up
9. check out/check out/check it out
10. take back/take back
11. turn things around/turn around
12. back up/back me up/back up
13. brought up/brought up
14. work out/work out
15. took off/take off/take your shoes off/take off
16. took out/take us out/take your frustration out/take the trash out
17. make out/making out
18. get by/get by
19. blow it up/blow up/blew up
20. looking up/look up
21. cut him off/cutting me off/cut off