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Lessons For Students

Business Vocabulary

Business Idioms
Phrasal Verbs
Business Collocations
Signposts for Presentations
Abbreviations and Acronyms
Expressions for Phone Calls
Polite Expressions
Expressions for Starting, Continuing, and Ending a Conversation
Business Email Openings
Business Email Closings
Business Nouns and their Collocations
Business Verbs and their Collocations
Expressions for Describing your Job/Company
Expressions for Agreeing, Disagreeing, Suggesting Alternatives, and Interrupting
Expressions for Conference Calls (from
Powerful Verbs for Resume Writing (from
Do and Make Collocations for Business
Customer Service
Air Travel
Negotiations (from English Club)
Descriptive Words for People (from


Practice Exercises


Idioms Builder
Business Collocations
Advanced Collocations Exercises
Word Building
Euphemisms in the Workplace
Connotation vs. Denotation
Verb-Noun Collocations
Adjective-Noun and Adverb-Adjective Collocations
Prepositions Collocations
In and On Collocations
Make and Do Collocations
Phrasal Verb Collocations
Business Nouns Exercise 1
Business Nouns Exercise 2
Euphemisms in the Workplace
Phrasal Verbs for Business Practice Exercise
Phrasal Verbs with Multiple Meanings
Idioms for Describing People
Idioms about Success
Idioms about Time
Idioms about Feelings and Moods
Idioms about Money
Idioms about Adversity, Challenges, and Failure
Idioms Related to Negotiations and Disagreements
Idioms about Conversation and Communication
Positive Adjectives for Describing People
Negative Adjectives for Describing People
Commonly Confused Words Practice (general English)



Advanced English Grammar Test
Past Modals
Third Conditional


Word Order
Prepositions in Emails
Irregular Verbs: Simple Past
Very/Really vs. Too
Infinitive or Gerund
Adjective or Adverb
First and Second Conditional
Even though/Although/In spite of/Despite
Even if/Even though


Concise Writing Exercises
Common Mistakes in Emails

Error Correction

Error Correction 1 (beginner)
Error Correction 2A (intermediate)
Error Correction 2B (intermediate)
Error Correction 2C (intermediate)
Error Correction 3A (advanced)
Common Mistakes in Emails
Common Mistakes in Emails 2
Error Correction for Spanish Speakers (for Spanish speakers)
False Friends (Spanish-English) Exercise (for Spanish speakers)


Student Guides

Signposts for Presentations
Conditionals Guide
Using Two Verbs Together
Past Modals for Degrees of Certainty
Pronunciation Changes in Words that are Both Nouns and Verbs
Concise Writing Guide