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Advertising Vocabulary

Advertising refers to the act of creating public messages to promote a product or service. Below are some vocabulary terms related to advertising.


to advertise
To advertise means to give public information about something in order to make people want to buy it.

An advertisement is a public announcement about something created to make people want to purchase it.

American abbreviation for “advertisement.”

British abbreviation for “advertisement.”

Advertising refers to the act of creating advertisements.

television advertising
Advertising done on television is called television advertising. The short videos advertising a product or service are called television commercials.

radio advertising
Advertising done on the radio is called radio advertising.

online advertising
Advertising done on the internet is called online advertising.

print advertising
Advertising done in magazines and newspapers is called print advertising. The advertisements are called magazine ads and newspaper ads.

outdoor advertising
Outdoor advertising is advertising that reaches consumers outside of their homes.

A billboard is a large outdoor sign usually located next to a busy road. Billboard advertising is a common form of outdoor advertising.

product placement
Product placement occurs when a company pays to have their product shown in a movie or television show.

to endorse
To endorse means to publicly recommend a product or service. People who endorse products are often famous people who are paid for their recommendations.

Public approval or support of a product or service.

viral marketing
Viral marketing occurs when a company creates something and encourages people to pass the message to others, usually by using email or other forms of internet communication.

word-of-mouth advertising
Word-of-mouth advertising occurs when customers tell other people about a product (or service) because they like it.

advertising agency
An advertising agency is a company that creates advertisements for other businesses.

advertising budget
An advertising budget is the amount of money that a company has to spend on advertising.

advertising campaign
An advertising campaign is a group of advertisements that have the same idea or theme.

A brand is the name a company gives a product to differentiate it from competitor’s products.

brand awareness
Knowledge that a brand exists is called brand awareness. If a lot of people know about the existence of a brand, the brand has high brand awareness. If not many people know about the brand, the brand has low brand awareness.

brand image
Brand image refers to the ideas and beliefs that people have about a brand.

target audience
The target audience of an advertisement is the group of people that the ad was intended for.

A slogan is a short phrase a company creates to associate with a brand or product.

Taglines are similar to slogans. They are both short phrases companies create to represent a brand or product. A tagline is different from a slogan because taglines are more permanent. Taglines are not associated with only one particular advertising campaign. They refer to an idea or message about the brand that doesn’t change.