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Plans For Teachers

Warm-ups and Activities for Teachers

Warm-ups and Activities for Business English Classes
Fluency Activities for Business English
Business Collocations Game
Collocations Game
Odd-one-out Collocations Game
Business English Taboo Cards
Business English Scattergories Lists
Business English Game: Being Tactful and Polite
Conversation Starters


Skills and Functions Lessons

Using Signposts in an Informal Presentation
Writing Polite Emails
Using Softening Phrases to Make Polite Requests
Saying “No” Politely
Job Interview Skills: Answering Behavioral Questions


Grammar and Vocabulary Lessons


Prepositions at the End of Question Clauses
First and Second Conditional
Talking about Past Abilities: could, was/were able to, and managed to
Using “used to”
Infinitive vs. Gerund
Irregular Verbs – Simple Past
Business Collocations
“Make” and “Do” Collocations
Negative Prefixes
Shades of Meaning 1
Shades of Meaning 2


Third and Mixed Conditionals
Clauses Stating Reasons and Conditions

External Links

Below are some excellent business English lessons from

Adverbs of Frequency
Adverbs of Frequency Game
Indefinite Articles
Present Simple/Present Continuous
Prepositions for Emails
Prepositions for Negotiations
Present Perfect for Experiences (Have you ever questions)
Present Perfect Simple/Present Perfect Continuous
Present Perfect for Expected Actions
Numbers Review


Conversation Lessons

Debate Topics for Business English
Conversation Starters
Idioms Conversation Questions
Using Phrasal Verbs
Using Business Idioms
Conditional Conversation Questions
Workplace Discrimination
Consumer Protection
Corporate Crime
Good and Bad Managers
Customer Service
Intellectual Property
Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work (with TED Talk)
English as a Global Language (with TED Talk)


Pronunciation Lessons

Commonly Mispronounced Words
Pronunciation Changes in Words that are Both Nouns and Verbs
Minimal Pairs
Stress in Compound Nouns