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Business English Conversation Lessons: Corporate Crime

In this conversation lesson, students learn vocabulary related to corporate crime and then discuss the topic in small groups. Teach the vocabulary and then have students do the conversation questions in pairs or groups.



Recommended terms to teach:

corporate crime
price fixing

false advertising
insider trading
tax evasion
environmental crime
sale of unsafe products
industrial espionage
copyright infringement


Conversation QuestionsĀ 

1. Which types of corporate crime are most common in your country? Which types do you think are most common worldwide?

2. Which types of corporate crime do you think are the most offensive? Which types of corporate crime do you think are the least offensive? Why?

3. What specific cases of corporate crimes do you know about? Tell your group about them. Were the people responsible punished? How?

4. Have you ever personally experienced a corporate crime? Have you ever been a victim of false advertising? Have you ever purchased an unsafe product? Have you ever been asked for a bribe? Tell your group about it.

5. How is corporate crime treated in your country? Are corporate criminals severely punished? Do you think corporate criminals should be punished more severely? Discuss with your group.

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