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Infinitive vs. Gerund: Using Two Verbs Together

Write the following sentences on the board and ask students to fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb in parentheses.

I hope _______ (get) a promotion this year.
I enjoy _______ (travel) internationally.
I love ________  (learn) English.

Go over their answers. Explain that:

Some verbs, such as hope, are followed by the infinitive form of the second verb.
Some verbs, such as enjoy, are followed by the gerund form of the second verb.
Some verbs, such as love, can be followed by both the gerund and infinitive of the second verb.

Go over the first three sections of this guide to using two verbs together. Then have students complete the practice activities and the discussion questions below.


Practice 1

Complete the Dialogues with either the infinitive or gerund.

A:  Did you decide ________ (take) the job you were offered?
B: Well, at first it really seemed _________ (to be) a good offer, and I considered ________ (take) it. But, ultimately, I decided not _________ (accept) the offer.
A: Why not?
B: Well, I was worried about _________ (be) forced to travel a lot. The job offer involved a lot of international travel. I would object to  ________ (travel) overseas for weeks at a time.
A: I would have accepted the position. I don’t mind ________ (travel) abroad.
B: I know. It just wasn’t right for me. I still intend _______ (get) a new job and I hope ________ (find) something by the end of this year.


Practice 2

Complete the sentences with either the infinitive or gerund.

1. When I’m not working, I enjoy _________________.

2. When I was a child, my parents never allowed me _________________.

3. In the next year, I plan ____________.

4. I never thought I’d get used to __________, but I did.

5. When I finish ___________, I’ll be really happy.

6. I can’t imagine ____________.

7. I can’t tolerate ____________.

8. To succeed in business, I recommend ___________.

9. I often complain about ________.

10. I’m trying to concentrate on _________  right now.

11. One time I had to apologize for ___________.

12. I always avoid ________.

13. I don’t mind ________ even though a lot of people don’t like doing it.

14. I once was accused of __________.


Conversation Questions  

Discuss the following with your group.

1. Have you ever been accused of doing something you didn’t do? What was it? What happened?

2. What things at work do you really enjoy doing? What things at work do you avoid doing?

3. Tell your group about something that you agreed to do that ended up being a horrible idea.

4. How do you cope with having a busy schedule?

5. What do you expect your co-workers to do for you?

6. What do you miss about being a student?

7. What are some things your coworkers ask you to do for them?

8. What are some things you’d like your English teacher to teach you?

9. What are some things that your company doesn’t allow you to do at work?

10. How do you motivate yourself when you simply don’t feel like working?

11. What are three things you hope to accomplish this year?

12. Would you ever consider taking a job in another country? Why or why not? Tell your group about it.

13. Have you ever tried to stop someone from making a really bad decision? What happened?

14. Are you good at convincing people to do things? Explain.

15. Do you prefer to get work done at home or at the office? Why?

16. What are you looking forward to doing this year? Why?