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Prepositions at the End of Question Clauses


Answers to Practice 1

1. Who does this bag belong to?
2. Who were you looking for?
3. Which group are you in?
4. Who is this beautiful gift from?
5. Who was the book written by?
6. What is the article about?
7. Who was John looking at?
8. Where is he from?
9. What were you talking about when I arrived?
10. Whose clients are they talking about?


Potential Answers to Practice 2

1. Who was the movie directed by?
2. Who is the cake for?
3. What is your office close to?
4. What did Kevin talk about?
5. Who did Spain play against in the final game of the World Cup?
6. Where is she from?
7. Whose office did they go in?
8. Who did you present after?
9. Where are they from?


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