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American English Abbreviations and Acronyms


the DMV – Department of Motor Vehicles
SUV  sport utility vehicle
DUI  driving under the influence
DWI  driving while intoxicated



MIA  missing in action
POW – prisoner of war
AWOL absent without leave
DOA  dead on arrival


Chat Abbreviations

BRB be right back
NSFW  not safe for work
OMG – oh my God
IDK  I don’t know
TY – thank you
NP  no problem
LOL  laughing out loud
AFK – away from computer



a.m./p.m.  ante meridiem, post meridiem (a.m. = morning, p.m. = afternoon)
am/fm  amplitude modulation, frequency modulation (radio signals)
BC/AD  before Christ, anno domini (BC = before the birth of Jesus, AD = after the birth of Jesus)
RSVP répondez s’il vous plaît (French for “please reply”)
ASAP  as soon as possible
Note that we can say this as if it were a word, or we can say each individual letter. It’s pronounced /eɪsæp/ when said as a word.
info – information
ATM automated teller machine
ID – identification
IQ  intelligence quotient
ETA – estimated time of arrival
UFO  unidentified flying object
BYOB  bring your own bottle
PC  personal computer
FYI  for your information
AKA  also known as
Q&A  question and answer
FAQ  frequently asked question
VIP  very important person
e.g. – example given
i.e. – id est (Latin for “in other words” or “that is to say”)
EST  Eastern Standard Time
CST  Central Standard Time
PST  Pacific Standard Time
TBD  to be determined
TBA  to be announced
PS  post script (used at the end of a letter before communicating additional information)
MO  modus operandi (the way someone usually operates)
R&R – rest and relaxation
DIY  do it yourself
DOB date of birth (often found on forms and other official documents)
SSN – Social Security number (often found on forms and other official documents)

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