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Common English Mistakes – Error Correction Exercise 2A (Intermediate)

Below are 25 common English mistakes that intermediate students make. Correct the errors in each sentence and then see the answers and explanations below.

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Correct the Mistakes

1. We are only five on our team.

2. I would rather to work from home than come to the office.

3. We’re used to have a lot of work to do, so meeting the deadline won’t be a problem.

4. My client sent me an email but I haven’t replied her yet.

5. Maybe I’m going to finish this today.

6. Please borrow me your badge so I can get into the storage closet.

7. I can’t finish this by the end of the day. Even though I spend all day on it, I won’t finish on time.

8. Probably, I’ll go to the beach on Saturday.

9. The Old Man and the Sea was written for Ernest Hemingway.

10. Our office is near to the airport, so it will be easy for you to get here.

11. We have many stuffs to do this week, so I don’t know if I can go to English class.

12. Despite I was tired, I came to work today.

13. If we had a gym here, I can work out after work.

14. I always try to do things very careful and make sure I do them correct. (two mistakes)

15. We have people from all over the world here: India, United States, Venezuela, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and France. (two mistakes)

16. Are we going to have to work overtime again this week? I hope no.

17. Yesterday, he told me that he will send the email after lunch, but he didn’t do it.

18. My schedule often changes, but I normally work since 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

19. I thought you were still with Microsoft. When did you stop to work there?

20. I’m not pretty sure about what we should do.

21. How long time did you work in the public sector?

22. Do you know where is the restaurant?

23. He is well-experienced, so we know that he can do the job.

24. Who is in charge to decide which printer to buy?

25. I had a hard time getting in touch with my supervisor. After calling for hours, I finally could get in touch with her.


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