A collection of business English lessons and other free resources for business English.


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Below are some excellent business English lessons from UsingEnglish.com.

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About the Site:

There are a lot of websites for English teachers and students.  Most sites, however, only focus on general English.  If you need help teaching or learning business English, finding good materials online can be difficult.

With that in mind, I decided to create a site dedicated to providing free materials to business English teachers and students.

Whether you are a teacher or a student, I hope you find the site useful.  Please check back again as additional materials are constantly being added.



  1. Kylie Reynolds

    Excellent information and resource material, really helpful in teaching my ESL students the business language they need in Australia….thankyou!

  2. Thanks, Brad!
    This appears to be just what I was looking for as a Corporate Speech Trainer and Consultant!
    I do a lot of work with improving English pronunciation and accent training, but more and more I am asked to help with written communication skills. It has been many years since I left college and my studies as a Speech Language Pathologist. So, this quick reference and practice material site will help a lot!

    Anne Maki, MS
    Clear Speech Specialists, Inc
    Wichita, Kansas

  3. Harry

    this is very use full