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Business Collocations

Below is a list of some common business collocations. To practice these collocations, try these collocations exercises. Also try these advanced collocations exercises.


Noun-Noun Collocations

advertising agency
advertising campaign
age discrimination
balance sheet
bank loan
benefits package
brand awareness
brand identity
brand name
brand recognition
budget increase
budget reduction
budget surplus
business ethics
business model
business partner
business people
business plan
business trip
company policy
conference call
conference room
cost reduction
customer base
customer satisfaction
customer service
employee benefits
government regulation
human resources
interest rates
labor market
labor union
market leader
market share
mission statement
operating costs
performance review
price controls
price range
price tag
price war
product launch
product line
product placement
profit margin
sales figures
sales team
stock exchange
stock market
stock options
time management
trade secrets
web page

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