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Business Collocations


Collocations with Make

make an appointment
make an attempt
make a change
make a choice
make a comparison
make a complaint
make a connection
make a decision
make a demand
make a difference
make an effort
make ends meet
make an exception
make an excuse
make a fortune
make a living
make a mistake
make money
make an offer
make payments
make plans
make a point
make a profit
make progress
make a promise
make a request
make sense
make something clear
make a suggestion
make sure
make a telephone call
make the best of something
make the most of something
make time


Collocations with Do

do business
do a crime
do damage
do an experiment
do a favor
do good/bad
do harm
do research
do right/wrong
do something/anything
do well
do your best
do your duty
do your part
do your share

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