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Business Collocations


Collocations with in

believe in
in a car/taxi
in a fight/argument
in a group
in advance
in charge
in conclusion
in control
in denial
in depth
in detail
in private
in return for
in the mail
in the process  of
in trouble
Interested in
involved in
participate in


Collocations with on

ban on something
blame something on someone
decide on
depends on
focus on
on a committee
on a list
on a plane/bus/train
on a team
on average
on call
on display
on duty
On one hand…/On the other hand…
on purpose
on sale
on someone’s side
on the phone
on the radio
on TV
rely on
restrictions on
vote on


Adjective-Noun Collocations

big break
big chance
big decision
big disappointment
big improvement
big mistake
big surprise
bright future
competitive advantage
daily commute
daily routine
deep thought
deep trouble
false advertising
friendly reminder
good chance
good faith
good news
good time
looks good/bad
golden opportunity
great admiration
in great detail
gray area
great pride
great respect
great skill
harsh criticism
heated debate
heavy rain
heavy traffic
hidden agenda
high/low costs
high/low degree
high/low level
high/low price
high/low profile
high/low quality
high/low risk
high/low salary
high/low standards
honest answer
hot topic
huge loss
huge problem
immediate impact
large amount
large number of
large quantity
perfect example
positive attitude
private sector
public sector
raw materials
rising costs
slight chance
sound advice
stiff competition
straight answer
strong belief
strong feeling
strong opinion
top priority
wise choice


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