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Business Collocations


Verb-Noun Collocations

accept an apology
accept a job
accept a meeting request
accept an offer
accept a position
accept responsibility
admit fault
admit a mistake
apply pressure
attract investors
boost confidence
borrow money
break a law
break into a market
build trust
calculate risk
call attention
cancel a meeting
cancel an order
chair a meeting
change one’s mind
choose sides
close a deal
complete a task
confirm suspicion
consider the fact
consider the possibility
consider the risk
cut costs
deliver an order
develop a strategy
exchange ideas
exchange a product
fire someone
fix a problem
gain access
gain experience
gain ground
gain knowledge
hire staff
invest money
invest resources
invest time
join forces
join an organization
join a union
keep someone’s word
launch a product
lend a hand
lend money
lower prices
lower taxes
manage a business
manage a company
manage a store
manage stress
measure progress
meet criteria
meet a deadline
open an account
pay attention
pay bills
pay dividends
pay a fee
pay an invoice
pay taxes
place an order
present a problem
provide assistance
provide support
raise awareness
raise money
raise an objection
raise prices
raise questions
raise taxes
reach an agreement
reach a compromise
reach a consensus
reach a decision
reach a point
recall a product
receive compensation
receive a discount
receive payment
run a business
save money
save time
sell a business
sell shares
send a copy
send a message
send a letter
sign a contract
take out a loan
waive a fee
waste time
waste money
write an email
write a letter
write a note

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