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Business Collocations


Collocations with Take

take advantage
take a course
take notes
take action
take a break
take a decision (British —¬†make a decision in American English)
take a message
take part in
take responsibility
take a test/quiz
take your time


Collocations with Have

have an appointment
have an argument
have a conversation
have a meeting
have problems
have a talk
have time
have trouble
have coffee/tea
have breakfast/lunch/dinner
have work


Collocations with Get

get a job
get a certification
get angry
get better/worse
get excited
get going
get the message
get motivated
get paid
get permission
get ready
get somewhere/nowhere
get started
get used to


Collocations with Go

go ahead
go bankrupt
go forward
go home
go out of business
go to work
go well


Collocations with Prepositions

accused of
adapt to
agree on something
agree with someone
apply for
approve of
argue about something
argue with someone
aware of
believe in
blame for
by accident
by mistake
cause of
comment on
complain about
concentrate on
consist of
contributed to
count on
credit for
decide on
decrease/increase in
demand for
depend on
fear of
from scratch
good at
graduate from
in charge of
insisted on
matter to
object to
on purpose
participate in
pay for (something)
plan for
plan on
prepare for
proud of
reason for
relationship with
reply to
respond to
responsible for
return to
satisfied with
smile at
take advantage of
tax on
trouble with

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